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Hey there,

I am Daniel Forteza, and this is my travel blog.

Let me tell you my story.

At 21, I started working as an engineer in this big company in Manila, Philippines.

At 25, I experienced my first international trip as a solo backpacker to Malaysia.

At 28, I have already been to 21 countries.

At 29, I quit my engineering job to pursue traveling and work remotely.

Read my ‘Quit Job’ full story’ as seen on TripZilla Philippines.

Where should I go next?

Please stick around and join me on my journey this 2019 & beyond!

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an engineer

Dan worked for more than 7 years in an Engineering company in Manila, PH.

a frequent traveler

Dan has been to 31 countries in 5 continents (and counting) since 2015!

a blogger

After quitting his job in 2019, Dan started this blog in the hope to become a digital nomad.

loves geography!

Dan is in love with geography and maps since he was in Grade School.

loveS hiking!

I mean who doesn't? The toughest mountain Dan climbed was this one on the background!

loveS languages!

Did you know that Dan started making foreign friends online 'cause of the love for this!

Some of my most loved Blog comments

Hey Dan, great post! So happy that you’ve taken this leap of faith and I admire your courage 🙂 Keep pressing on, you have my support too! 😉
I read your article initially in Tripzilla and learned about your journey towards becoming a Digital Nomad.
It’s really inspiring; keep it up!
“You know yourself better than anyone, so you know what helps keep you motivated.” That’s true.
You’re an inspiration. Thanks! 🙂
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