How To Apply Online For A Sri Lanka e-Visa / e-Tourist Visa in 2019

If you’re planning to visit Sri Lanka & looking for a guide on how to apply for a Sri Lanka e-Visa or e-Tourist Visa, then you’re in the right place. With Sri Lanka’s tropical climate, sandy beaches and scenic train rides, I’m sure no one can say no in skipping this beautiful South Asian country on their travel bucket list!

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2-Day Yangon Itinerary: Best Places To See In Yangon, Myanmar

If you're curious to know which places are worth visiting when you only have two days in Yangon, then you're in the right blog. I've put together the perfect 2-day Yangon itinerary which includes the top attractions in the city. I flew in to Yangon, Myanmar on my 28th birthday and spent two days in the city. Yep...

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