Check If You Need A Visa For Transiting or Entering A Country

Someone once told me that ‘traveling the world is a rite of passage every human being should take’. While I firmly agree with his statement, unfortunately, the access to this privilege is predetermined by which country we are born in and the passport we were given. For us Filipinos, one of the most important deciding factors...

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2-Day Dushanbe Itinerary And Travel Guide With Budget All-In

Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan, might not resonate in every traveler's mind as much as London, Paris or Tokyo, but there are charming characteristics to this Tajik city. The truth is to be told---its heart and soul is definitely the people and their warm hospitality like no others. Trust me on this!

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1-Day Tashkent Itinerary And Travel Guide With Budget All-In

Despite stories that there is nothing to see in Tashkent, I still wanted to give it a chance. And I’m glad I did. By utilizing Uzbekistan’s 5-day visa-free transit, I managed to enter Uzbekistan last November 2019 through Tashkent airport. With only one day to spend in Tashkent before I head south of the country, I was able to see...

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3-Day Bishkek Itinerary And Travel Guide With Budget All-In

Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan, is actually just a 5-hour drive from Almaty, Kazakhstan. But since I was entering the country through visa-on-arrival, I flew in to Bishkek airport (from Almaty) where my visa can only be processed. And just like Almaty, the Kyrgyz capital still has retained its former Soviet Asian flavor.

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5-Day Almaty Itinerary And Travel Guide With Budget All-In

Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan until 1997 when it was moved to Astana (now Nursultan). One of the reasons given for the move was because of Almaty’s geographical location–it is in a southeast corner of the country. I, on the other hand, moved and traveled down south from Astana to Almaty due to the extreme cold of Astana.

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3-Day NurSultan Itinerary And Travel Guide w/ Budget All-in

The city of Astana, now called NurSultan, was my first stop on an extended Central Asian adventure last October 2019. Known today as Kazakhstan’s futuristic capital city, NurSultan certainly is a tough place to live because of its harsh cold climate but still, it is well worth a short visit. You can see NurSultan's main sights...

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