或许你还不认识我,我叫Daniel Forteza, 来自菲律宾。在一个月之前,我辞去了我原来的工作。今天我写下这篇文章,是为了评估自己已经走了多远;另外,如果你跟我一样,想过自己真正想要的生活,那么也许这篇文章能给你一些指导。简单的说,你是否想要: 逃离朝九晚五的生活; 选择自己喜欢的工作环境; 边旅游边工作; 花更多的时间与你爱的人相处;

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Becoming A Digital Nomad: One Month After I Quit My Corporate Job

In case you don’t know me yet, I am Daniel Forteza from the Philippines. And yes, I quit my corporate job exactly a month ago to pursue becoming a digital nomad. I am writing this today to assess myself how far I’ve come and, of course, share this blog with you as a guide if you are also in the same shoes as mine wanting to live the...

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