My Turkish Visa Interview With Tips To Get Your Tourist Visa Approved 2019

My Turkish Visa Interview With Tips To Get Your Tourist Visa Approved 2019

Dan Travels My Turkish Visa Interview With Tips To Get Your Tourist Visa Approved 2019


The Turkish Embassy is located at Dasmariñas Village (Dasma for short), Makati City. It is an exclusive village so you need to go to Dasma Village front gate (near Magallanes MRT Station) and wait for the shuttle going to the Embassy. Look for the guard on duty, show you appointment details, and he would require you first to log in on the logbook as it is a ‘first-log first-ride-to-shuttle basis’! Then I keep asking myself – ‘am I ready for my Turkish visa interview?’

Your first stop is the Dasma Village Office Hall where you’ll pay 150 pesos for the shuttle fee.

Please note that it is not allowed to bring bag or mobile phones inside the embassy building. Leave it to the guard station once you arrived. Once you’re inside the building (yeah that building in the below photo!), you’ll be logging in again.

Dan Travels My Turkish Visa Interview With Tips To Get Your Tourist Visa Approved 2019
The Turkish Embassy Building | Dantravels.org

So wait for your turn to be called.

On my appointment day, there was only one Consular Officer (a Turkish guy) so it took me a while to wait! Also, the AC is down inside the building so bear with the heat!

When I was called, I greeted the Consular Officer and gave him the hardcopies of my pre-application documents. Here’s an excerpt of how the interview went on:


ME: I’ll be traveling to Istanbul. Here is my day-to-day itinerary. (*handed over to him a piece of paper*). *Blah blah blah*…*Also mentioned going to Russia after Istanbul*

INTERVIEWER: You’re staying for 4 days. Ok. What is your work?

ME: I am a Mechanical Engineer.

INTERVIEWER: What company?

ME: *States the Company*. My employment certificate is right here in these papers. Let me find it. *Give to him my Certificate of Employment*

INTERVIEWER: *Stares at my employment certificate and writes something down on my application form*. Do you have birth certificate?

ME: Yes. *I pointed him to last page of the hardcopies I gave him*

INTERVIEWER: Flight and Hotel reservations are also right here?

ME: Yes. *Blah blah blah*

INTERVIEWER: Do you have 60 dollars?

ME: I do. *hands over to him my 60USD cash*


That’s it! Then he gives the claim stub. I was scheduled to return after two weeks.

But wait! There is more!

After 13 days…

A lady phoned me a day before the scheduled release date of my passport/visa. She scheduled another interview prior to the release of my Turkish tourist visa. She did not give me any details. It was unexpected but I hurriedly went to Dasma Makati again to check what’s going on.

You can see my conversation with her below. Her name is Gladdy (not sure if it spells correctly) and she was quite strict. Sabe sa ibang blogs masungit daw siya, so I tried my best to be composed and look confident as possible during my interview with her:


ME: Ma’am, I love traveling. I’ve been to 14 countries. And I believe Turkey is one of the best countries to visit next (not sure if that’s the exact words I’ve said).

INTERVIEWER: Are you traveling alone?

ME: Yes.

INTERVIEWER: Wala dito Employment Certificate mo… (she can speak Tagalog, I was told she was half Filipino).

ME: Nandyan Ma’am. Binigay ko kay Sir on the day of my first interview. Pero bigyan na lang po kita copy. Do you need the original copy?

INTERVIEWER: Yes, please. I also need the original copies of your Birth Certificate and Bank Certificate.

ME: Here. *gives the original copies*

INTERVIEWER: Do you have travel insurance?

ME: Yes. *gives the travel insurance copy*

So I guess I gave her a good impression of my intention to travel to Turkey!

I really thought the interview was enough during the day of my submittals because I know I have completed the requirements and I know they should be reviewing the completeness of the documents too prior to filing them. It was the consulate guy (Turkish national) who interviewed me before. Now it turns out one of the documents was missing and it is the lady consulate who’s interviewing me this time. She requested the original copies of some of the documents. Glad I brought them all!

It is also good to note that the interviewer would likely ask for “travel insurance”, I actually have this (thanks to the blogs I have been reading!) and I intend to show this document only when asked.

Thus, I highly recommend you guys to get a travel insurance. I bought one from the World Nomads where most travelers get their travel insurances. Get yours NOW from the below widget.

Or you can also go to the World Nomads link, click HERE.

Unfortunately, the release date of my visa has been pushed a week more. 🙁

After a week, I came back to the Turkish Embassy and…

VISA APPROVED! The long wait is over! Haha. Got my single-entry Turkish Tourist visa that day! It took me almost 2 months from the day I submitted my pre-application online. Hoorray!

Dan Travels My Turkish Visa Interview With Tips To Get Your Tourist Visa Approved 2019
My Turkish Tourist Visa | Dantravels.org

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