How To Apply For A Turkish Tourist Visa With Your Philippine Passport

How To Apply For A Turkish Tourist Visa With Your Philippine Passport


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So you wanna go to Turkey? That’s right. Turkish tourist visa is the first thing you need to be concerned about in order to set your foot on the Turkish land.

Istanbul and its Bosporus Strait |

In this blog, I will show you the step-by-step guide on how to get your tourist visa based on my experience. If you want to know the questions thrown at me during the interview, I created a separate blog post about that.

Click HERE to read the post so you’ll get an idea of what questions you’ll be facing during your interview.

Please note that I will only be discussing here the tourist visa, so if you’re looking for another type of visa other than the tourist visa, then this blog is not the right one for you.

But first, I’d like to start off by saying that no one can give you the guarantee of your Turkish visa’s approval – not me, not even a lawyer or a travel agent. If anyone does, is most likely a scammer.

As a travel blogger, what I can offer you here is just a guide with helpful tips to increase your chances of getting that Turkish visa.

So let’s get started. 


There are two (2) ways to get a Turkish Tourist visa.

(1) If you have a valid visa or residence permit from any one of the Schengen countries, or you have a valid US, UK or Ireland visa, then you may course your application online at This is the E-Turkish Visa.

The time I applied for my Turkish Visa, I have none of the above and thus I was not eligible, so what I will explain further in this blog is the ‘long process’.

(2) If you are NOT eligible with (1), then you should prepare your requirements, apply for pre-application via Turkish Consular website, schedule your appointment, personally go to the Turkish embassy and return on the release date of your passport/visa. That is why I call this the ‘long process’ and I have personally experienced this. More details of this application of this process will be discussed below.


PART I: Pre-Visa Application And Scheduling An Appointment

(1) Gather all your documents and scan them. Group them into seven (7).

1 – 2”x2” Biometric photo with white background scanned in jpg;

2 – Proof of Income scanned in pdf, I included ITR, Bank Certificate, and Passbook copies;

3 – Flight reservation scanned in pdf; (you may search Trip below for cheap flights in and out of Turkey)

4 – Hotel Booking scanned in pdf;

NOTE: I booked all my hostel accommodation at

Book hostels through as they have free cancellation or pay-at-the-hotel option.

Or try Airbnb in finding comfy and cozy rooms! I have used Airbnb on some of my other trips and I loved it!

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5 – Proof of commitment to return. Certificate of Employment will do just fine.

6 – Passport Copy scanned in pdf. I also included my old passport.

I included not only my passport bio page but also all the passport pages that have stamps

7 – NSO Birth Certificate – NSO original scanned copy in pdf.

You can request an original copy of this through online via PSA website. I got my mine which was home delivered after three (3) working days. Click HERE for the link.

Requirements of Turkish tourist visa
Here is the snapshot from the Turkish embassy website informing applicants that they should have those required documents prepared first before continuing with the pre-application online. |

(2) Go to Complete ALL the required fields on Nationality and Visa Details, Personal Info, Contact Info, and Travel Info. There is a portion there that will send the reference number to your personal email. Just follow through and when done, proceed to the document upload.

Website - Turkish tourist visa
From the website |

(3) Upload those seven files. Woo hoo! By the way, ensure that each file is 2MB or less! Then proceed!

Requirements - Turkish tourist visa
How I grouped my files |
Files to be uploaded - Turkish tourist visa
This is how it looks when you successfully uploaded your files |

(4) Review your info first, download your pre-application form, and click submit.

My Turkish tourist visa application form
The e-file version of my application form |

Then you will be prompt to make an appointment. 

IMPORTANT: You can expect that the earliest available appointment date is one month after your pre-application date! (at least per my experience.)

(5) You’re done! Screenshot and print your appointment details and show it to the guard on duty on your date of appointment.

Snapshot of my appoinment details |

After one month…

PART II: Document Filing And Interview At The Turkish Embassy

WHERE: 2268 Paraiso Street, Dasmarinas Village
Makati City, Metro Manila 1222

CONTACT NUMBERS: (+632) 843 9705 / (+632) 843 9707 / (+632) 887 6373 / (+632) 888 5699

OFFICE HOURS: Mondays – Fridays; 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM (morning only for visa application)

(1) Make sure that you have printed all the required documents prior to your Interview at the Turkish Embassy, including your passport, a copy of your passport’s data page, two pieces of 2″x2″ ID photo. Otherwise, your documents will be rejected and you’ll be asked to come back once your documents are complete.

Print out also your day-to-day itinerary in case you were asked by the interviewer. I can send you mine–just let me know in the comment section below.

Printed copies of my application documents |

IMPORTANT: Bring also a copy of your travel insurance. Please make sure to get one because this is often asked by the Interviewer on top of your basic requirements. I bought one from the World Nomads where most travelers get their travel insurance.

Go to this link to get to your World Nomads travel insurance.

UPDATE: World Nomads is no longer covering residents of the Philippines and link above was now looped to another travel insurance in the Philippines. Although I was told by World Nomads that they are working their best to get the insurance back in the country, I would suggest for now to go for Safety Wing (this is now my insurance while traveling abroad.) Click here.

(2) Your documents will be collected by the Consular Officer, and he/she may ask you a few questions regarding your trip/financial capacity.

I created a separate blog about my experience during the day of my appointment and interview at the Turkish Embassy.

Click HERE so you’ll know what are the questions thrown at me during the interview and how I answered them.

After this, you may pay the visa fee which is 60 USD for a single-entry tourist visa.

NOTE: Please have an exact amount of 60 USD for your payment. Paying in PHP is not accepted.

(3) Then you will be given a claim stub with the date of your passport/visa release. Just wait for it and claim your passport on the scheduled date. This usually takes one to four weeks.

(4) You need to return to the date of your passport release. I do hope by that time, you have a Turkish visa sticker on your Philippine Passport!


Here is a single-entry Turkish tourist visa. VISA APPROVED!

My Turkish Tourist Visa |


Visa Type: Tourist
Visa Validity: One (1) month
Entry Type: Single Entry
Visa Fee: 60USD (USD cash only is accepted)


In case you’re also looking for package tours to justify your tourism activity in Turkey for visa purposes, I highly recommend booking tours through Viator which is perfect for your Turkey itinerary. See tours and packages I personally handpicked for you:

(you may choose one or more tours that suit your travel needs)


  • Hotel / Hostel
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  •  Flights
    • TRIP. All of my flight bookings are all from TRIP. Trip is one of the world’s leading travel search engines and searches hundreds of travel sites.

I suggest you check (click HERE) as they usually offer cheap fare rates compared to other booking sites.

  •  Travel Insurance
    • World Nomads. Please make sure to get a travel insurance because this is often asked by Interviewer on top of your basic requirements. I bought one from the World Nomads where most travelers get their travel insurances.

Go to this link to get to your World Nomads travel insurance.

UPDATE: World Nomads is no longer covering residents of the Philippines. Although I was told by World Nomads that they are working their best to get the insurance back in the country this year, I would suggest for now to go for Safety Wing (this is now my insurance while traveling abroad.

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  1. Juan

    Hi there, thank you so much for the detailed explanation.

  2. Maya

    Hello! May I ask how many weeks it took from your day of appointment until your visa approval? I was interviewed on Feb 8, 2019 and until now there has been no feedback about my visa. I was not asked to submit additional documents.

    1. dantravels

      Hi Maya! After the day of my appointment/interview, they give me a claim stub with a date of when I need to come back and claim my visa which is in 2 WEEKS time. Were you also given that claim stub?

      In addition, after 12 days (almost 2 weeks na nga!), they called me and set ANOTHER interview. After my second interview, I was told to come back after one week or also call them to follow up.

      So in total, it took me 3 weeks from the day of my appointment to getting my visa! =)

      Good luck to your application. All the best!!!

  3. Maya

    Thank you! 🙂 yes they gave me a claim stub but with no specific date. The secretary just said that they will get in touch with me after a month. But it’s been more than 6 weeks already 🙁 when I emailed for an update, they just said that it is still awaiting approval. I was just concerned because according to other blogs, they got their visa within a couple of weeks only.

    1. dantravels

      I see! I understand how you feel.
      Hopefully they’ll give you a feedback soon! Good luck, Maya! =)

  4. Ana

    Hi, sa certificate of employment, kelangan ba specified dun ang approved vacation date or COE ay enough na? And how about if i have a sponsor, not a Turkish but he works in Turkey, do I still need to provide my proof of income or yung sa sponsor ko lang pwede na?

    1. dantravels

      Hi Ana, a typical COE is fine (where it should state your company, your salary, your position, how long have you been working in that company, and signed by your HR head). I don’t have an approved vacation date on my COE and it was accepted. It would be better if you provide your proof of income, too. I believe you’ll have a better chance if you also provide yours. And do not forget to get your travel insurance, this is often overlooked by most applicants but this is actually often asked by the Secretary (Ms Gladdy). I hope you read my Interview questions in this blog.

  5. Jem

    Hi wanted to to ask how long is the full duration of the visa application

  6. Janine

    Hi Dan,
    Can you provide me a copy of your itinerary, the one you used during your application for your Turkish visa. Thanks in advance!

    1. dantravels

      Hi Janine,
      Sent! Check your inbox, please.

      1. Mariz Lantin Medina

        can you please send me a copy of the itinerary you used for visa application, as I am planning to apply this year as well. thank you very much in advance

  7. Zhel

    Hi Dan! I found your website through Facebook. Thank you for sharing your experience! I’m planning a trip to Turkey for 2 weeks next year. I’m worried about the flight reservation. Do they really need confirmed flight tickets? The tickets are expensive and would be a waste if my visa isn’t approved or do you gave any suggestions on a cheaper way of getting there? My idea is to transit visa Dubai through Cebu Pacific. How much were you able to get your tickets? Thank you!

      1. Zhel

        Hi Dan! Thanks again for replying. I just read the link you gave me. I also read somewhere that a transit visa isn’t required for the first 48 hours if you have an onwards ticket. I am just not sure whether it applies to Filipino citizens. I’ll probably be checking in luggage too so thank you for the helpful information 🙂

  8. Loreen

    Hello Dan,

    Pwede bang hindi USD ang payment? Bale ung equivalent lang neto in Peso? Thank you.

    Thank you for your blog. It really helps people.

    1. dantravels

      Hi Loreen,

      Payment in pesos is not accepted. They only accept US dollars and make sure you have an exact amount.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Loreen

        Thank you for your reply Dan. I wish you more safe and wonderful travels. Your response is really appreciated. God bless.

  9. Marlon


    Thank you for this comprehensive guide. Total life saver.

    Quick questions.

    1. Is it still 60 USD as of Aug 2019? I know I should call the Embassy but they are already closed today, Fri and Mon is a holiday. I have my appointment scheduled Aug 27.
    2. I read that I should paste my 2×2 photo in the application form and I would like to confirm that the pasted photo will cover 99% of the “Personal Information” Header Tag in the form. Can you confirm?
    3. Did you receive any email confirmation when you finally scheduled your interview appointment in the embassy? I didn’t get one. What I did is to screenshot/save to PDF the page and print.
    4. Where is the shuttle bus located in Magallanes station?

    Thank you and looking forward.

    1. dantravels

      Hi Marlon,

      1. I haven’t checked lately. But still, most visa blogs are saying 60 USD.
      2. If you have printed your pre-application form, it should have the scanned photo already. I believe they only need the 2×2 ID photo separately for your visa sticker.
      3. I checked my files, looks like I haven’t received an email. Like you, I also screenshot it and printed it.
      4. At the gate of Dasma Village which is a 2-minute walk from Magallanes MRT station. Just ask the security guard there.

  10. berry

    hi dan. I want to ask if I can apply for appointment with the embassy of turkey in manila kahit nasa labas ka ng pinas and I’ll take appointment nalang sa day ng balik ko sa pinas, pwede po ba yun? thank you.
    btw. I was in turkey last april 2019 I obtained my tourist visa in Riyadh KSA that time but I’m planning to go back on march 2020 but this time sa pinas na po ako mag process.

    1. dantravels

      Yes, you can do that. Making an appointment is “online” naman. Just ensure you choose Manila, Philippines (there is a dropdown there when you’re initiating your pre-application process). And of course pick the appointment date when you’ll be in Manila 🙂
      Good luck po.

  11. Anafe

    Hi Dan, how are you? Soon magsesend ng invitation from Turkey ang Freind ng anak, that’s notarized and with all his information, etc etc supporting document that his capable to accommodate her during her stay in turkey for 3wks,still does she need to book a hotel reservation???? Or valid enough ang incantation na isesend ng freind nya???

  12. Manilyn

    I’m an ofw here in malaysia and I’m planning to take a tour in turkey next year, Is there any possible way that I can apply my turkish tourist visa here

    1. dantravels

      Hi Manilyn, I am not so sure about that. It would be best if you contact the Turkish Embassy in Malaysia and confirm that to them.

  13. Dear

    Hello Dan, Greetings! Just an inquiry if you have any ideas ba. Ipapa.apply ko mommy ko (age 59) for tourist visa retired employee na sya pero wala pang pension di pa sya 60 eh. Do you think mahirap for her to get the visa? Invitational pa la from my husband (Turkish man). Thanks dear. 🙂

  14. Miguel

    Hi Dan! Thanks for this! Very helpful. I plan to visit Turkey in March 2020. I’m wondering how soon I should be applying for the visa. Most, if not all, images of visa online shows that its valid for 6 months, and you can stay for 30 days. Does this mean I can apply as early as October this year?

    1. dantravels

      You must be so excited! I suggest 4 months before your travel. Give yourself time also to gather the requirements!

  15. Monica Sharma

    Amazing post ,thank you for sharing such great and informative content with us, will be of great help when we would be travelling to Turkey and Istanbul, will surely keep in mind all the factors you mentioned, and the photos are way too amazing to be expressed in words.

  16. Weej

    Hi Dan! I was looking for requirements for a Turkish Visa and stumbled upon your blog. Since your post is the latest, I decided to ask you as I have been getting different results on the requirements for the visa.

    First question, is there website indicating the requirements for the visa? I went to the visa page of Turkey and can’t find anything in there.

    Second question, I read in one of thr blogs that 50 USD per day of stay is required to be reflected in your bank account and that the embassy is very transparent on this but I can’t seem to find other information that states this.

    Third question, does the birth certificate need to be issued within the year like for a Japan visa?

    Last question, I read conflicting statements on whether I should pass Bank certificate or bank statements or both?

    Hope to hear from you. I’ll also be asking on your post about US visa. Thanks so much!

    1. dantravels

      1 – the requirements are indicated on the Turkish Embassy Website. I also provided a snapshot of that here on my blog. Didn’t you see?
      2 – it’s not really ‘required’, it is just the recommended expenses per day.
      3 – Nope, on the Turkish Embassy website, it only states “Birth Certificate (Original)”
      4 – During my application, I only submitted Bank Certificates.

      1. Weej

        Hello Dan,

        Thank you so much for answering my questions. i really appreciate it. I saw the snapshot of the requirements but my mother wants to see the requirements on a website. When I went to the website, I could not find any requirements listed for the visa application. I went to this website: . Is there a link that lists down the requirements? Thank you

  17. Umar

    Dan, I have a very simple query. Can you tell me what your visa start date was? Was it starting from the date you mentioned on which you will be arriving in Turkey or did it start from the date they actually stamped the visa sticker on your passport?
    Plus, How much was duration of stay mentioned on the visa? Was it the for the same number of days that you asked for or was it a day or two more than that? or was it according to your travel health insurance.

    1. dantravels

      GOOD QUESTION. The start validity date on my visa sticker is actually NOT the date it was issued. The validity date starts one month after it was released which has 3 days allowance on the itinerary I submitted. For example, if my itinerary starts at 18-Oct, the start validity date on my visa was 15-Oct. It was valid for one month, so in my example the validity ends on 14-Nov. It was valid for one month although on my itinerary I only stated 4 days. My travel insurance is good only for 4 days since I only intend to travel per my itinerary which is 4 days only.
      Hope this helps!
      Hugs from Armenia,

      1. mackoy

        It means to say the validity of your visa is based on your itinerary? For example, my travel date is scheduled january 27 until jan 30, my visa validity will start january 24 to feb 23?

        If that will be my travel dates, is it possible to apply by november?

        1. dantravels

          You’re right on the dates and it’s gonna be one-month valid.

          I suggest you start the online pre-application as early as now. Because your appointment date could be somewhere in November or December (depending on the number of applicants.)

  18. Ivy

    Hi Dan,

    First of all, thank you for making this very informative blog. It’s going to be my second visit in Turkey this year (if they will grant me another tourist visa) and I just went to the embassy for my interview last week but lo and behold–they won’t accept your application if your middle name isn’t included on the application form. You can only do this by providing your middle name on the pre-application form on their website. – You may add this info on your blog so you could help more applicants like me to have a less hassle life dealing with the Turkish Embassy. Also, I’ve heard from the other applicants that they only accept PSA-issued birth certificates.

    May you have more blogs and travels to come!

    1. dantravels

      Thank you Ivy for that additional info.

      Hugs from Kazakhstan ??!

  19. Mariz Lantin Medina

    I just need some clarification with regards to the flight reservation; did you pay for the actual ticket price you submitted for visa application or not? This is my biggest struggle for the preparation of documents. Since I have to submit a flight reservation online for interview appointment and I also have to submit an original flight reservation on the day of the interview. But here is the problem, most travel agency can only hold a flight reservation as long as 48 hours. So I am really confused what I should do. I hope you could help me. Thank you

    1. dantravels

      Hi Mariz, In my case–I submitted a paid flight booking.

      1. mariz

        do you have any advise for me for this problem?

  20. Mariz

    Hi. Good Morning po. Two weeks from now i will have my appointment with turkish embassy, i just have a few questions. With regards to the travel insurance, does the embassy require a certain amount that the insurance needs to cover like for schengen it should be like €30000.. for turkish embassy do they require the same or it can be lower than that?? coz mine only covers 500k php.. and another is it also okay to get insurance from pioneer or they have accredited travel insurance partner???

    thank you so much if you could give me feed back on this matter

    1. dantravels

      Hi Mariz, please get yourself a travel insurance because I was asked to provide travel insurance during my interview. Read my blog to know what travel insurance I get (I also provided a link on this blog.) Just to be safe, I suggest you get that as well.

  21. Ana Joy

    Hi there, Happy New Year! May I ask, napansin ko sa visa application form mo sa part ng “Name of host person or host company” na blank yung info. I believe while filling out the form, it’s either hotel or sponsor info ang ilalagay.

    Katatapos ko lang kasi mag-fill up ng form and while printing it napansin ko na blank yun part na yun pero complete naman yung info na nilagay ko.

    I tried doing the application several times para lang lumabas yung info na pinasok ko, pero wala talaga.

    Issue kaya yun?

    1. dantravels

      Happy New Year, Ana Joy!

      I didn’t fill it out because my understanding was it only needs to fill out if a host or a host company will fund your travel to Turkey. I just indicate “myself” (since I’m funding it myself)—that’s it!


  22. Brian

    Great visa guide! Thank you so much.
    Can you also send me your day-to-day itinerary?

    1. dantravels

      You’re welcome, Brian. I just sent it to your email. Kindly check your inbox.

  23. Tricia

    Thank you so much for this blog!! Planning to get a visa too. Please do send me the itinerary you used.

    May I also ask how much should be in the bank account (I read somewhere there should be at least 100k, is this true)?

    Also about the insurance, some credit card offer travel insurance can I just ask a certificate from them? Or is a separate travel insurance required?

    Thank you so much in advance!!! Good luck on your future trips

    1. dantravels

      Hi Tricia,

      I just sent it to your email. Kindly check your inbox.

      It depends on how many days you’ll spend in Turkey. And there’s no definite amount per Turkish visa requirements. But the standard being followed is European which should be at least 50-60 USD per day.

      I don’t think so. Those insurances do not cover medical insurance for foreign trips. Better if you get it from World Nomads.

      Thank you so much =)

  24. Meg

    Hi Dan,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m looking into travel insurances and I’ve heard of World Nomads on multiple occasions while traveling and it seems to have great reviews, I’m unsure whether you live in the Philippines or Not, But for Filipinos residing in the Philippines, World Nomads seems to not be an option however it leads us to its affiliated AXA travel insurance. Could I possibly get insurance from world nomads?

    Also, do you think they would consider a US transit visa? If so, Option 1 would be a better option for me since I have it on an old passport.

    1. dantravels

      Hi Meg,

      You’re right. They now have linked World Nomads to AXA here in the Philippines. When I got my travel insurance last year, I still have used World Nomads. Anyways, I just sent WN an email today and I will update you once I received their response.

      Is your US transit visa still valid? It was not specified what kind of US visa it is (either transit or tourist) but only states: “…must hold a VALID visa or residence permit from one of the following countries: Schengen area countries, Ireland, the United Kingdom or the United States. Electronic visas or e-residence permits are NOT accepted.”

      I don’t think yours is still valid though (since it is already on your old passport). And if it is valid, till when it will be valid for? Ten years like the usual B1/B2 Business/Tourist Visa? I wasn’t aware a transit visa is granted with a validity that long. =)

  25. D

    Hi Dan! Thanks so much for your detailed blog. So helpful!! I just have some questions on the passport copy. Did you include the biopage and all pages with stamps and visas? Both new and old passports? So it’s basically biopage plus travel history? Really hope to get your inputs. Many thanks 🙂

    1. dantravels

      Hi D,

      1. Yes, I did! Although the Turkish website only indicates “passport copy” on the list of requirements, I included them anyway–both the bio page and all the passport pages that have stamps.

      2. Yes, both old and new.

  26. Barış

    Hi Dan! Your blog is perfect! I wanna ask something! My Philipino gf will apply visa! Almost finish all document! However Turkish embassy want Income Tax return! But my gf not work now! Can you help me how/where can she take ITR? Can help us?

    1. dantravels

      Hi Baris,

      I am not so sure about that. ITR (Income Tax Return) is a legal document deriving from compensation income from all sources within the Philippines. It is being released annually by the company where the person is working for. Hence, that is something you can’t get without “working” or simply being employed.

      It would be best if you contact the Turkish Embassy here in Manila directly and confirm any alternative to that. You can find the Embassy’s contact number in this blog. Better if you call them in the afternoon as they’re quite busy entertaining visa applicants in the morning.

      I am assuming your girlfriend had worked before and that’s why she already had savings in her bank account? Her previous ITR might be an alternative.

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.


      1. Barış

        Thanks Dan. My gf worked before! She will call company for ITR. Hope we will got soon! She had all documents except ITR. If she dont have ITR.she can take visa! She got money from her bank account and passbook! Also i sent my bank account paper! My gf called consulate. But they did not give information about that! So i ask that!
        Best Regards

        1. dantravels

          Hope she gets it real soon. Let me know how it goes.

  27. George

    Hi Dan! Would like to ask, is the ITR you submitted a certified true copy? Thank you! Loving your posts btw. 🙂

  28. dantravels

    Hi George,

    Nope, it’s a scanned copy of the original. Photocopy would also be fine.

    You’re welcome:)

  29. Gerard

    Hi Dan,

    I am planning to travel to Turkey May 2021. My problem is I will be out of the country from Feb2021 until May2021. Can i schedule the interview as early as mid January? Tourist visa will be valid within 6 months right? The pictures I’m seeing online the validity of the tourist visas are only 3 months. Please clarify this.


    1. dantravels

      Hi Gerald, Mine was only valid for 1 month / Single entry. It’s better if you call the Turkish Embassy in Manila to confirm your concern above =)

  30. Janine

    Hello Ivy, where can I add my Middle name?
    Name: or
    Surname: ?

  31. Janine

    Hello Dan,

    Where should I put my middle name for pre application?

    Name: or
    Surname: ?

  32. Mely Alcaria

    Hi Dan. Your blog helps a lot of people especially me. I am planning to go to turkey this coming August. Kailan ba ako pwedeng mag apply for turkey visa? Kailangan ba ang CFO since yon ang nababasa ko recently especially kung pupunta ka sa country ng BF mo. My BF is a Turkish National at siya mag sponsor for my travel and expenses doon. Please I need your help. Best regards to you….

  33. Tina

    Hi Sir Dan,
    I have a question? If i apply for tourist visa in Turkey kelangan ba specific ang days ng stay? What if nkalagay sa visa is Duration of stay: just 10 days. And i still want to stay another 5 days? Okay lang ba yun? or do i need to apply for extension?

    1. dantravels

      Hi Tina, yes you need to specify how many days you’re staying in Turkey but don’t worry, they normally give you a month of validity. In my case, I specified that I’ll be staying for only 4 days in Turkey but in the end, they gave me a visa valid for a month.

  34. Yoyie

    Hi Sir Dan,
    I’m glad i bumped into your blog. I really thought that the consul would give 6 months visa validity, just now i learned that it all depends on your intended duration of stay. I have an appointment this coming August 12, 2021. Sinulat ko dun na travel date is October 22 but would like to travel next year kasi akala ko talaga 6 months ang visa validity.. hindi pala 🙁 Do you think they would give a 6 months visa validity ngayon because of covid?

    1. dantravels

      Hi Yoyie, Based on my experience 1-month validity ang binigay saken. Since Oct 2021 ang sinulat mo as travel date baka within that time frame with a 1-month validity lang din ang ibigay sayo. It is better to call the Turkish Embassy I guess? Or Why don’t just cancel your appointment?

      1. Yoyie

        Hello Sir Dan,
        I specifically asked via email pero hindi nya sinagot ang question ko 🙂 He/She only messaged me this “Due to there is no visa extension, new visa application needs to be made with the same procedure” Tinanong ko din kasi how to apply for a visa extension.
        I am applying a visa for my child ‘cuz he is not eligible for an Evisa. I already got mine and Evisa is valid for 6 months. I am going to cancel my child’s visa application, thank you for your advice ?
        I guess traveling within this year is just a dream.. covid is real 🙁
        Thank you and stay safe always.

        1. dantravels

          Hi Yoyie, sorry to hear that. But I agree, just wait na lang muna until the situation improves. Although we don’t know when, that’s all we can do for now. Thank you for the update and stay safe as well. Hugs from Thailand. =)

  35. belle

    hi dan

    i was just in turkish embassy this morning. i provided all the necessary documents i think they will need to support my travel. they took my passport and gave me a stub after 1 week. does this mean i am approved?

    1. dantravels

      Hi Belle, Most likely you are approved! I got the same experience actually. Well, mine is a bit different but normally applicants will be given a stub for them to claim the passport with the ‘Turkish visa’ in it after a week or two. =) Since you basically have provided the necessary documents, I don’t think there will be a reason for them to reject you. If you want to know my full experience of getting my Turkish visa, you can read this article. =)

  36. Yannna

    Hello Dan,

    Tried sending you a DM in FB and was directed to inquire here.

    Thanks for your detailed blog above.

    Question po – do you think it’s smart na mag try ako mag process kumuha ng tourist turkey visa ngayon (end of Nov na) and ang target date of visit ay 2nd week of January?

    2. My chance po kaya ma approve kht na this is the 1st time to travel internationally? I also dont have an ITR ksi kaka register ko lng sa BIR (I work freelance VA)

    3. Do you think it would be best to seek assistance visa agency or kaya naman kahit ako na mag lakad following yung steps mo above po?


    1. dantravels

      Hello Yanna,

      1. It took me almost two months to get my Turkish visa from the day I submitted my online pre-application form. But some got it after a little over a month. So please be mindful of your timing and travel schedule.
      2. I think so, as long as you can show that you are able to finance your travels. If you don’t have the ITR, then ensure to include your employment certificate. They did not specify the documents for the item on “proof of income” but I did attach my ITR under “Proof of Income” together with my bank certificate and photocopies of my passbook.
      3. Personally, I would advise you to travel to Southeast Asia first so as to at least get a travel stamp prior to traveling far or traveling to a country that requires a visa. Otherwise, you’d be subject to a lot of questions from our immigration officers. Also, I am not really a fan of travel agencies and never utilized them in any of my travels abroad, but go ahead and explore that option as well. All in all, it really boils down to what is convenient for you.
      Hope this helps=)

  37. Rey Cee

    hi! do you know how i can get a flight reservation/dummy ticket? tried looking for services online but cant find any (that’s reliable) is it better to apply via a travel agency?

  38. mhy

    Hi Dan,
    do you have any idea if true na hindi na raw po pwede ang DIY visa application to Turkish Embassy at need na daw po to use an agency?

  39. Lei Marbella

    Hi Dan,

    I’m from Albay, kapwa Bikolano..
    By the way, during your interview, did you submit the original passport and keep them with the consulate until the release of the visa?

    1. dantravels

      Hi Lei, saen ka sa Bicol?
      Yes, they took my passport since the visa sticker is going to be pasted in one of the pages of your passport.

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