How To Get Disabled Instagram Account Back [My Experience: SOLVED]

how to get disabled instagram account back


How would you feel if an Instagram account so dear to you got disabled? If this recently happened to you, I’m sorry; I felt the same way when it happened to me. So if you’re here to find out how to get disabled Instagram account back, or you just simply want to know what I went through to have it back, then you’re in the right place. I’ll share everything you need to know in this blog.

But first, here is my Instagram (@iamdantravels) account that got disabled.

My instagram account that got disabled
My Instagram account that got disabled

Through series of appeals to Instagram, I got it back in 15 days!

Yes, it took me 15 days!

If you’re now worried about your disabled account, don’t be! Your account will be back EVEN IF you really did something to violate Instagram’s terms and conditions. But the problem is we don’t know when it will be reactivated by Instagram. Time will tell.

So I will just ask you to wait patiently after following the appeal procedures! I can attest to this. And don’t you ever fall for hackers who claimed they can get it back. I’ll explain it later in the HELPFUL TIPS section.

JUST MY TWO CENTS: I feel like our disabled accounts are being held captive by Instagram and will be reactivated in due time depending on the gravity of our violations. Some say, in as quick as 24-hour, they got their accounts back. Most people got it back in 2 weeks’ time. If this is the first time your account got disabled, it is rare that you’ll have to wait for months to have it back.

So in case you got it back, don’t do anything stupid again haha. It would be harder to get it back the second or third time around.

If you really did NOTHING wrong and your account really was deactivated by mistake, then more reason to not worry. I believe it will be back in less than a week.

UPDATE: After a few days, I have another Instagram account that got disabled and this time around it was disabled REALLY by mistake. I was accused for “pretending to be someone else.” After I filled out the form to appeal my case, Facebook instantly (like 10 minutes after I sent the appeal form) sent me a message saying “my account was deactivated by mistake. You see? It’s that quick!


Just like every millennial, I am also fond of sharing loads of content on my social media accounts, especially on Instagram. I mainly use Instagram to post travel-related content especially now that I am backpacking abroad and, hear this… during a pandemic! That being said, wouldn’t it be nice to have Instagram by your side to share what’s happening around you or simply vent out what you feel?

Read also: How COVID-19 had me stuck in Bangkok, Thailand.

So when my Instagram got disabled, my stress level was through the roof! It was both painful and heartbreaking.

Hear me out: I’ve been using Instagram since 2012. It’s my personal account. It is so dear to me as it contains a lot of memories in a span of almost 9 years. Those posts, stories, and messages are just too precious to let go. I know you would understand. In addition, it also had 6,000+ followers before it got disabled.

NOTE: You’ll know when your Instagram account is disabled when each time you log in a notification would pop up that says: “Your account has been disabled for violating our terms. Learn how you may be able to restore your account.”

Also, when your account is disabled, you are NOWHERE to be found on Instagram!


There are different reasons why Instagram disables an account. Refer to this page from Instagram Help Center if you want to review their terms in full detail.

But in a nutshell, you violate the terms if you use Instagram for:

  • impersonating someone;
  •  illegal activities;
  • hate speech / fake news;
  • nudity;
  • graphic violence;
  • collecting artificial likes or follows (or automating it);
  • spams.

In my case, my account got disabled because I was using a third-party app to automate people to unfollow. In my defense, there are so many people on Instagram who follow you (in the hope that you follow them back), and then later on, they will unfollow you!

So I decided to download an app so I can automatically track and mass unfollow those people who unfollowed me. So yeah, because I prefer not seeing them on my timeline if they are no longer following me! You get me?


Day 0 (April 4, 2021):

So while using this automating app, I suddenly got kicked out of Instagram. When I try to open the app, it asked for my number to verify my identity. I put in my phone number and then Instagram texted me a 6-digit code. After keying in the code, I got this notification:

“Thanks for Providing Your Info. We’ll review your info and if we can confirm it, you’ll be able to access your account within approximately 24 hours.” (see also screenshot below)

Instagram saying thank you for providing your info
Day 0: Instagram saying thank you for providing your info

If this happens to you, you need to worry a bit! Because most probably you’ll get your Instagram account disabled after 24 hours! I say 90% probability according to some blogs I’ve read.

Day 1 (April 5, 2021): THE APPEAL PROCEDURE

I couldn’t count how many times I logged in but ended up with the same “Thank you…” notification. Then exactly 24 hours had passed, my account is now DISABLED! It’s horrifying, I know. The pop-up notification now says:

“Your account has been disabled for violating our terms. Learn how you may be able to restore your account.” (see also screenshot below)

Instagram saying that my account has been disabled for violating the terms
Day 1: Instagram saying that my account has been disabled

STEP1: When this appears, click ‘Learn More’ and it will lead you to another page specifying what kind of violation you did.

In my case it says:

“Some of the things we don’t allow include artificially collecting likes, followers or shares, posting repetitive content…” (refer to the snapshot below to see the full statement)

Disabled instagram due to "collecting likes and follows"
Day 1: Is this really how my Instagram got disabled?

So this is why I got the impression that it has to do with the third-party app I was using to automate mass unfollow!

STEP 2: This is when we need to APPEAL to Instagram to get our account back. We’ll need to let them know that it was a mistake (even though your violation is slightly true? haha.) So click “let us know” and it will lead us to the appeal page!

The appeal page will ask you if your account is a business account, just choose “NO”. Then proceed filling up the form with your:

  • full name;
  • Instagram username;
  • email address, and;
  • country.

Remember, ALWAYS put that you’re in the US (they kind of prioritized your case if you’re in America.)

You can also access the same page on your computer. Let’s call this page FORM 1.

STEP 3: In a few minutes, you will receive an email asking you to take your photo holding a piece of paper with a 5-digit code in it including your full name and your Instagram username. Here is the screenshot of the email I received.

Day 1: The first email response from Facebook asking for your photo with a code |
Day 1: The first email response from Facebook asking for your photo with a code

 So do it right away!

Here is the photo I took. I look mad and frustrated. Haha!

Day 1: My photo holding a paper with 5-code
Day 1: My photo holding a paper with 5-digit code

It is rare that you will not receive this first email response. BUT in case you didn’t, there are other forms to fill up:

  • FORM 2 – VERY similar to FORM 1, except it doesn’t ask which country you’re from. You also have to state the reason why Instagram should not permanently disable your account. Just simply say you didn’t do anything wrong or it might have been hacked and then eventually got disabled.

You’re basically talking to a “BOT” so don’t hurt yourself explaining too much!

  • FORM 3 – You’ll need to submit your government-issued photo ID here.
  • FORM 4 – VERY similar to FORM 2, the only difference is that it’s from Facebook Help Center. (Instagram is owned by Facebook in case you haven’t heard.)

Day 2-3 (April 6-7, 2021):

Our goal is to get that email (asking for our photo with a code) once a day until we receive a response from either Instagram or Facebook.

With that in mind, on the second day, I filled up FORM 2 and also receive the same email with a different code. The same thing I did on the 3rd day but I filled up FORM 3! I received the same email again with a new code.

So basically, I’ve been sending that photo with a code for 3 straight days!

Day 4-10 (April 8-14, 2021):

On the 4th day, I filled up FORM 4, but unfortunately, I didn’t receive the email. I also filled up FORM 1-3 one at a time but still, I am no longer receiving the same email!

I repeat filling up each of the forms per day from Day 5 to Day 10 but again, NO EMAIL! I have the feeling that Instagram max it to only 3 email responses per email address. I tried a different email add to fill out FORM 1and I finally received the same email response from Facebook! But of course, we wanted Instagram/ Facebook to know that the email in question is the email linked to our Instagram account. So I didn’t bother continuing the appeal process using a different email.

So from Day 5 to Day 10, I tried several other ways to contact Facebook and Instagram. I have listed those on the HELPFUL TIPS section below.

Day 11-14 (April 15-19, 2021):

On the 11th day, I almost gave up. I stopped filling up the forms.

I created a NEW Instagram account, too =(. I told myself: at least the posts on my Instagram have synced into my Facebook page. So somehow I still got the memories.

Basically, I just left it in the hands of GOD! If Instagram will give it back then I’d be very grateful. If not, then that’s fine. I already accepted the fact that it might not be recovered. Huhu!

On the 14th day, I received this email stating that my account is fixed?

The email message reads:

“We just investigated your report and it looks like this is NO longer an issue. If this comes up again, just reply to this message and let us know…” (refer to the screenshot below)

Day 14: The second email response I received from Facebook
Day 14: The second email response I received from Facebook

So I tried logging in BUT still the same “Your account has been disabled…” notification.

This email was a HUGE relief to me though! I believe Instagram is in the process of reactivating it. So I replied to the email asking them to help me since I am still getting the same error.

Day 15 (April 20, 2021):

FINALLY, on the 15th day, I received a new email from Facebook saying that my Instagram account has been reactivated.


Day 15: The third email response I received from Facebook stating my account is BACK!
Day 15: The third email response I received from Facebook stating my account is BACK!

The first thing I did after recovering my account was to switch it to PRIVATE. I feel like from this time onwards, I am going to protect this personal account of mine and refrain from doing any sort of violations. Haha!


When I stopped receiving those email responses from Facebook on the 4th day, I started looking for other workarounds to contact Facebook and Instagram.

Here are some of the useful tips I could give you! I’ll explain each as per my experience.


You can access the Facebook live chat if you have a Facebook business account after running an ad in it. Since I already have a Facebook business account with ads in it, I can easily access it and get help regarding my Instagram account. BUT NO! I couldn’t find the live chat.

After watching a couple of YouTube videos, I learned that Facebook has temporarily stopped this kind of support somewhere in March 2021. Maybe it has to do with the pandemic? I’m not sure.


I came across another YouTube video claiming that calling the Facebook landline number had helped her in recovering her disabled Instagram account. The number is:

  • 1-650-543-4800 (US landline number)

Since this number is in the US, I used my SKYPE Credit to call this number. Please note that you won’t be speaking with an actual person. Instead, you will have to explain everything as quick as you can probably in less than 40 seconds (as it will cut you off) AFTER THE TONE! Also, you’ll need to spell out your name, Instagram username, and email address.


This is another option. What you’ll need to do is head to LinkedIn and find Instagram (see snapshot below). Then click “See all XX,XXX employees on LinkedIn.”

Instagram LinkedIn page
Instagram LinkedIn page

You’ll be able to find the list of real employees working on Instagram. You can also filter the employees by location, say for example employees in California. And with their names, find them on either Facebook or Instagram then message them! I messaged like 15 people! There are two people who responded but only advised me to check out the HELP Center instead. Not really the response I am looking for! But at least I tried.

You could do the same thing with Facebook employees on LinkedIn.


Now this one is interesting. When I posted about my situation asking for help to Instagram on Twitter, a person who claimed he is a professional hacker messaged me. Apparently, this is common on Twitter wherein they would claim they can help you get your account back. There are a lot of these people on Twitter (and even in YouTube comment sections of most of the videos I’ve watched.)

Below is the message I received from Twitter:

Thank God I didn't fall for this hacker!
Thank God I didn't fall for this hacker!

Don’t listen to these people! Just trust the process!

As an example, I got this message from someone who hired a hacker to get her account back. Turns out, the hacker is scamming her for what else…her money!

Apparently, the hacker created a fake account of her into thinking they had the details.

I feel sorry for this gal. Hope she can still get her account back.


I can understand your frustration and pain. Because I’ve personally experienced this myself.

But the good news is that it isn’t too complicated to get back your disabled account. The only frustrating part is we have to wait for God knows HOW LONG!

It might take a few days but that’s nothing compared to the months or years of photos and videos that you uploaded to your Instagram account!

So don’t lose all the hope. You will get it back! =)

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  1. Kate

    I haven’t heard back from Instagram and it’s been a week. I’m still waiting and hopeful it will get it back.

  2. Yellow Beads and Me

    Lucky you! I have been disabled for FIVE months!!!

    1. dantravels

      Oh man! Were you at least able to send them the mugshot holding the paper?

      1. Ayelet

        It happened to me too. For five months now, I have sent them 30 pictures of me with a number and they do not reply.

  3. Adetoyinbo Samson

    Thank you so much Dan for this blog, reading it as made me really calm because my account got disabled too and i also think my case is similar to yours because I also make use of a third party app to keep track of my followers and unfollowers,and i believe it is the reason that got my account disabled for a week now but am now very hopeful that I’ll get it back after reading your blog.
    Now my question is, which third party app do you think is safe to use for instagram?, because I think it is very necessary that we use this app to keep our page growing steadily.

    Thank you.

    1. dantravels

      I was using the app “Unfollowers” but I can no longer find it on the AppStore.

      1. Adetoyinbo Samson

        That’s the same app I was using too that got my account disabled,but don’t you think it is inappropriate to use the app again?

        1. dantravels

          Personally, I am no longer using it and will not use it anymore. If your account is too precious to you like mine, I advise you not to use it and the likes.

  4. Adetoyinbo Samson

    Ok,thank you ??

  5. TajMarie

    If I get the some to take a picture holding my I’d should I fill it out too

  6. Nana

    Hi there, my account also being disabled and i think my case is similar with you. However, when fill in form 1 i filled in my own country instead of US. I wanna ask that is it able if tomorrow i fill in form 1 again with US country?

    1. dantravels

      Hi Nana,
      Yes, that is okay. On the first form, I used “Thailand” where I am currently at. Then on the next day, I put “USA”. That’s perfectly fine. I hope you get your account back real soon.

  7. Eddy Paul

    My account is disabled since 19-Sept-2021 after I used third party app named “video downloader” for downloading videos and pictures and then instagram disabled my main account.i have already fill the form 1 & I’m still not getting my main account back. Please tell me what should I do?

  8. Aira

    Huhu! Followed your tips. My acct was disabled for 2 weeks now!! :(((

    1. dantravels

      Just wait… I know how frustrating it is!
      Hope you’ll get it back real soon.

      1. Aira

        Omg IG really stressed me out! It’s been 3 weeks now and haven’t heard anything from them but I submitted several appeals already! And my violation that is stated is same as yours that’s why i don’t lose hope to get my acct back the soonest!! :((

      2. Aira

        Question, is it okay to send them multiple replies on the email that i’ve got with the code? Coz i keep on doing that.

        1. Laura

          Hi Aira!
          Have you gotten your account back in the meantime?
          Cause I got the exact same problem and its been over 2 weeks now too..

          1. Aira

            Hi! Sad to say no! It’s been a month disabled now! Thats why i’ve just created a new ig acct 🙁

  9. Maryam

    Still didn’t get mine back. I tried several appeal forms, and got asked for a mugshot a few times. But they never reply after I send it to them. Its been over a week now and all of this is happening over a mistake mind you. I only post aesthetic photographs, and I never leave mean or hateful comments. I still dont understand WHAT community guideline I “broke.”

    1. dantravels

      I’ve been there and I know how it feels.
      All I can ask you is to wait…
      Hope you get it back soon!

  10. Mahima

    Hi! So my account has been disabled for no reason since 1st October 2021 and I have been sending form 2 for the past three weeks.
    I just discovered your blog today and will start filling in forms 1, 3 and 4. But can I check with you if the live agents option is still available on Facebook? I will be creating a business account to run ads as advised by some other YouTubers but those are dated back in 2020 so is that option still available? October 2021?

    1. dantravels

      Hi Mahima, I also tried that but in my case, I couldn’t find the live chat. During my research, I found out that the live chats are currently unavailable. I think it has to do with the pandemic. But still worth a try since the current covid situation is improving these days. Maybe it’s now available. And I also think it depends on the country where you’re from. If you’re from first-world countries, I think the live chats are pretty much available!

    2. Laura

      Hi Mahima! Im in the same situation as you as my account got disabled around 3,5 weeks ago.. Im still kinda keeping my hopes up to get it back but its slowly fading hahah
      have you got your account back in the meantime?

      1. Mahima

        Hello Laura! This is Mahima and here’s my update from March 2022. My account got disabled in October 2021 and hasn’t been activated back since despite submitting the forms daily. Hoping one of these days that it gets activated

  11. Charlotte

    My account has been disabled for three days now. I got everything you listed on here. It was disabled for “violating terms” but I’ve got no idea what I’ve done. I’ve sent multiple appeals and selfies with the piece of paper with the code, my name and my username. I’ve sent 4 of those now, and I’ve filled out forms 1 and 2, tried to send my ID photo too but it said there was a limit there on how often I can appeal. I hope I haven’t appealed too much, I did it just once today which is when it asked for the number code selfie (for the 4th time). It’s reassuring to know a lot of others have gone through the same thing. I really hope I get my account back soon, no way I’m making another account. I’ve got a lot of personal photo and video edits on my old account that I’m gonna have no way of getting back should I create a brand new one. I also have a biggish follower base, which contains some of my good friends. I don’t want the last 6 years to be thrown down the drain for something I didn’t do.

    1. dantravels

      I totally can relate. What is happening to you is just as heartbreaking as what I’ve gone through. Keep the faith alive. You’ll have it back real soon.

  12. Charlotte

    My account has been disabled for a few days now too 🙁 I’ve appealed it but not heard anything back, apart from the automated email asking me to send the selfie holding the paper with the handwritten code, my name and username. I’ve done that 4 times now and still nothing. I hope I won’t have to wait too much longer.

    1. Laura

      Hi Charlotte! The same has happened to me around 3,5 weeks ago.. have you heard back in the meantime?

  13. Justin M

    My account got disabled in September, I was using a 3rd party app “unfollowers” and I think it was the exact reason it got disabled. I only have a public personal account with pictures of memories, friends, family, pets etc. I don’t know where any sort of violation came from. It took less than 24 hours to get my account back after filling up the forms/picture/number etc and they activated again. About 12 ago it happened again, I didn’t know it was because of the app but now I know it was. I had made 5-6 appeals and have got no answer only 5-6 times to fill up the same form. It’s crazy, account means alot to me over 8 years and hope I can get it back again. It seems this is happening to alot of people after the day facebook/IG/whatsapp went down for a whole day.

    1. dantravels

      Thanks for sharing your story, Justin. Man, this is indeed crazy!!!

      1. Justin

        going over 3 weeks now… its sad

  14. charlotte

    This post has given me hope that I will get my acct back! It got disabled last Wednesday and I hadn’t broken any guidelines. I got the email asking for the photo with the number on it on Thursday, which I replied to, I’ve heard nothing since though, and I can’t fill in the form anymore as it says it limits the no. of times you can fill it in. Glad you got your account back though! Really hope I get mine back. I have 3 years of hard work on the account, many memories and over 7k followers 🙁

  15. Domo

    My account has been disabled since 10/31/21. They’ve only allowed me to do two appeals on 11/1/21 and whenever i try again (daily) i get a message saying “you can’t use this feature right now. We limit how many times you can post). So am i the only one receiving this message when trying to fill out an appeal form? Because it seems like everyone else is able to fill out the appeals multiple times and it sucks it won’t allow me to and i don’t even know why. I used a different country and email address and get the same response. It’s been 3 and a half weeks without my Instagram and it’s been horrible! 🙁

  16. Hannah Joyce

    My IG account too got disabled since last week. It frustrates me to see that my account was disabled without violating the terms and just suddenly turned down my account without a consent or any warning. Hope it will fix soon 🙁

  17. Domo

    Wow my whole comment was deleted about my Instagram being disabled and not being able to fill out multiple appeals ?

  18. Mindy

    My account was temporarily disabled for the same reason as you but every time I would pass the verification step with the 6 digit code they’d allow me to change my password but when I do it says “sorry, there was a problem. Please try again ”.

  19. A01

    Dan My Man!

    Despondent for weeks the my complex Ig account was mysteriously disabled, I tried the step on other sites without results. Then I followed the steps on you blog, basically barraging Ig and Fb with forms and it worked! Just had to write to say THANK YOU BROTHER!

    1. Libin Thomas

      How long did it take to get your accound re-enabled?

  20. Libin Thomas

    My instagram has been hacked and realised that when I saw that I am following 2k followers in a single day. I manually unfollowed them all and changed the password. The next day my instagram gets disabled and asks me to sign an appeal. There a lot of memories of which I do not have any backup cause I relied on instagram more. Its been 5 weeks now and still I haven’t got my account back. I sign the appeal form every alternate days and now they have blocked me from using the appeal feature. I am really frustrated now and I do not have any idea if i’ll get my account back. Is there any other means to get in touch with the support team?

  21. Aly

    Hi Dan! I am currently on the 2 week mark today and followed all of your steps! Wondering if you have any other information around this? I am heartbroken as my account got disabled for who knows why! 🙁 I am praying that I get an email back as my Instagram is my favorite app in the world!!!

    1. Aly

      My boyfriend can see our message thread still and my username is showing vs “Instagram user” is what it has said the last 2 weeks – is this a good sign?

      1. Libin Thomas

        Hey Aly, my accou t got disabled on Jan 7th and got re-activated on June 16th. It took 6 months to get it re-activated. I’m afraid there are no other means to get it re-enabled. I opened a new account but I never lost hope in getting my old dear account enabled. I kept submitting the appeal every alternate days. There came a point where I did not get any verfication email (I thought instagram blocked my emails) but I still kept replying the same mugshot to the same email every alternate days. I became a scammer to instagram. I would say keep trying, maybe you’ll get your back sooner. Good luck!

  22. Francis Fernandez

    Hi Dan! My account has been disabled since April 21. I tried to send 2 mugshots unfortunately, they still haven’t reply. I have no choice but to wait. 🙁

  23. Yousif Ap

    Hey Dan I got 6 of the investigated report emails one in july. What did you reply to them to get through to them?

  24. Francis Fernandez

    Hello I need help

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