Remotasks Review and Detailed Guide: How I Started in Remotasks

Remotasks Review and Detailed Guide: How I Started in Remotasks


I was in a constant lookout for any home-based job I can find after quitting my 9-to-5 day job in the pursuit of long-term travel. It was June 2019 when I sign up for Remotasks after hearing good reviews about it.

The best thing about Remotasks is it offers FREE training in the Philippines. So if you happen to be in the Philippines, consider joining now! They call this training Remotasks Boot Camp and it happens biweekly within the major cities across the country, batch by batch.

I was lucky enough to be part of a 10-day Boot Camp training held in Quezon City, Philippines. It was a good opportunity for me to even dig deeper and to know more about Remotasks.

So in this Remotasks review blog, I’m going to share with you everything I know about Remotasks as well as my personal experience on how I started until finishing the in-house training.

Read also: my blog on how I earn money from transcription works at GoTranscript.

Hi there! First of all, I am Daniel – a solo backpacker from the Philippines. If you don’t know my story yet, feel free to read this article where I talked about how I quit my job in order to travel. This article was also featured on TripZilla Philippines.



Remotaks is a LEGIT opportunity to work as a freelancer and start making money quickly.

The reason it has become so popular is that applicants don’t need any special skills or qualifications to join the platform.

However, you need to be fluent in English and pass exams to unlock different tasks.

You can also try SproutGigs (previously Picoworkers) if you like taking much simpler tasks like answering surveys or testing websites. I tried it before and it’s very beginner’s friendly. I earned $0.02 to $1.00 per task. Each task would usually take a minute or two to finish.


You can create an account on Remotasks by visiting the Sign Up page, after that, you will be able to join using your Facebook account.

Click HERE to sign up!

Once in your account, you can start taking Courses and Exams at Remotasks University. You can start earning within an hour of signing in!


There are two (2) major tasks in Remotasks. The ‘Classic task’ and the ‘LiDAR task’.

  • Classic Tasks are:
    • Image annotation: draw boxes around objects in a 2D or 3D image and assign a keyword to them.
    • Categorization: identify keywords that describe an image.
    • Image transcription: write down the content from an image.
    • Audio transcription: write down what you hear from an audio file.
  • LiDAR Tasks – LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is a technology that is being used to create self-driving cars, which is the biggest market for Remotasks.
Lidar Annotations in Remotasks Review

While Remotasks has a variety of tasks, they highly encourage the LiDAR and segment annotation tasks since those tend to pay the most and have a steady supply of tasks.


Remotasks pays per task that you complete correctly.

Here are the expected pay rate and the approximate duration of some tasks.

  • Image annotation: 0.05 – 0.20 USD per task (< 4 minutes).
  • Categorization: 0.01 – 0.02 USD per task (< 3 minutes).
  • For audio transcription and other tasks, you can expect to earn 1-2 USD per hour.
  • Lidar: 5 – 80 USD per task ( 3 – 6 hours per task).

However, it’s possible to earn more depending on the task complexity and length.

Check out the FAQs below to know more about how to withdraw your earnings.


If you live in the Philippines and you want to specialize in LiDAR, again, Remotasks offers a 10-day Boot Camp training.

Not only it’s free, but you get paid for tasks that you complete during the training. There is even a bonus upon graduating!

The LiDAR training is currently offered at major cities in the Philippines such as Bacolod, Cebu, Davao, Dumaguete, Manila, Las Pinas, Iloilo City, Pasig, Quezon City, and Cavite. It is expected Remotasks will also offer training in other big cities in the country.

Remotask Boot Camp Lidar Training at Minesky Munos
My co-trainees at Remotasks Boot Camp in Quezon City |

If you live within Quezon City like me, the boot camp nearest to you is at Mineski Infinity Munoz where I took the LiDAR training

As a LiDar graduate, you should expect to earn 5,500 – 10,000 PHP working 20 hrs per week, or 11,000 – 19,400 PHP working 40 hrs per week.

Lidar Remotask training certificate
My Certificate in Remotasks Boot Camp |


To sign up for an in-person boot camp,

please go to fill out this form with your information.

And then wait for the invitation. In my case, it took me a week to receive a text message invite from the training facilitator after signing up the form.


Training takes 10 days and the facilitators will be training you on different LiDAR scenarios (like Swan, Turtle, Mammoth, etc). After training, you’ll be able to properly complete these tasks at home.

And don’t you worry, the in-house trainers and facilitators are super approachable and the best at what they do!


After completing your training, you’ll be able to make your own schedule and work from home. Remotasks recommends that you work at least 20 hours a week so you could expect to earn 5,500 – 10,000 PHP.

Important: Because doing LiDAR tasks require a large amount of memory on your computer, please be sure you have a working laptop or PC with at least 4GB of RAM.


Q – How to withdraw my earnings?
A – After signing up, please be sure to add a PayPal email on your profile. This is as easy as going to your “Account” page in your Dashboard and entering your PayPal email address and country details. 

Q – How do you earn?
A – You’re paid per accepted task. The amount paid will vary depending on task complexity. Remotasks will pay you via PayPal every Friday.

Q – Do I have to work a minimum number of hours to get a payout?
A – There is no minimum to get paid each week.

Q – Can I use a mobile phone to work?
A – While it’s possible to login to your dashboard using a smartphone, it is not advisable to do tasks and annotation on any device other than a laptop or desktop computer.


  • Pros
    • Quick sign up process.
    • No minimum payout requirement.
    • Get paid weekly through Paypal.
    • Flexible job – Work whenever or wherever you want.
    • There is an online community where you can ask questions and ask for advice. But I’ll give the authority from trainers/admin to send their real Facebook group.
  • Cons
    • Not many tasks are available (due to too many Taskers I guess)

That’s why the Boot Camp facilitators encourage Taskers to become either Reviewer or Super Reviewer to get more work.)

    • Most tasks are repetitive and tedious.
    • You have to take tests, but they won’t give you the results if you don’t pass.
    • Being consistently inaccurate and slow will get you permanently banned from performing a specific task.


I tried Remotasks when I was traveling in Thailand but unfortunately, it is not available.

According to the Remotasks team, the website is not yet fully accessible to all the countries but said they are still expanding.

So far, here’s a list of countries that are able to work on their platform:

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador

South Africa
Sri Lanka
Trinidad & Tobago

If your country is not on the list or Remotasks is not available in your country, you can let them know if you’d like your country to be enabled by filling the request form by clicking here.


Remotasks is a legit crowdsourcing platform for those who want to work remotely and earn a consistent income from home.

The tasks are relatively easy and can be accomplished by people in any country who is fluent in English that’s why it is quite popular in the Philippines.

Is Remotasks worth it? Only you can answer this question. Personally, I only tried Remotasks to gain experience and for blogging purposes (haha!) because it’s too tedious for me.

If you don’t mind doing repetitive tasks and you live in a country where the dollar has a strong value, then by any means, GO FOR IT!


All in all, let me know what you think about this Remotasks review blog. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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  1. Diane Val

    Hi, I’m interested i joining Remotasks. If ever I decide to quit can I do that anytime?

    1. dantravels

      You definitely can! Remotasks has no work contract to their taskers or whatsoever. You can join and quit wherever you want. You can be active or inactive in any way you want.

      1. Alex Brondial

        Hi sir Dan. Bakit tuwing nagti-taje ako ng training course, Wala namang pinapakita sa screen. Sa internet cafe ako sumusubok magttraining course. Pero sa CP ko nag aapear naman. Ano kaya problem nun?

  2. jeff

    Can I still do LIDAR task without bootcamp training?

    1. dantravels

      Yes, you can. I advise you to be trained in LIDAR though. The Bootcamp will provide you tricks and tips to be efficient in every way possible.

      Trust me: going for LIDAR tasks without proper training is a pain in the ass!

      Maybe for now, why don’t you try the Classic Tasks? You can start from there.

      1. Princes Charlene Sala

        Is it free?

        1. Daxiie

          Hi dan! When you said, 5-500 to 10,000 working 20hrs per week, do you mean that’s your payment in a week? Or that’s in a month?

      2. gladys

        Hi Sir, I also started reviewing their training but I`m stuck in Lane segmentation.

        1. mhean

          san ka nag training?

          1. Gideon

            How do I get started. I’m hoping it can pay my rent of $70/month?

        2. Timothy

          Hellow Gladys started tasking too but got stuck in gfd linkin how to annote an image outside the frame can you be of help or anyone willing?

  3. Joy

    Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, what’s Remotask’s alternative training for the 10-day Bootcamp?

    1. dantravels

      I guess we just need to wait until the situation improves.

      Have you tried those non-LIDAR tasks (we call them classic tasks)? For now, you can focus on them. They don’t really pay well but try at least. =)

      1. lawrence

        I started my first lidar task. hindi ko alam kung ano yung mga dapat gawin at di dapat gawin exactly. kasi sa tutorial ng remotask. easy lang, pero kapag binigay na yung task. parang wala kang alam hahahah. nagssearch ako ng pwedeng iba pang tutorial sa internet. kaya napunta ko dito hoping na meron. sana meron silang online tutorials.

  4. james ngulube

    this blog has helped me as I have been in search of an online job and remotask wouldn’t give enough information about payout amount and work hours. however, I like the fact that you have trained with remotask and that puts you in the right position to give a review worth it. keep it up
    thank you

    1. dantravels

      You’re welcome, James!

  5. jejoybalm

    I started working on Remotask. I got 1$ in 1 hour. Lol. How much do you earn per week when you’re starting?

    1. dantravels

      I prefer to keep it to myself haha, But 1 USD per hour is not that bad!
      Did you have a proper training in LIDAR already?

      1. jejoybalm

        Ooh. Haha. I haven’t tried LIDAR yet but I enrolled in online training. Just doing categorization muna habang newbie. hehe.

      2. Fernan

        sir what is the easy task in remotask I am beginner and need income for my family us of now

    2. Andrea pineda

      Does really weeka for your task to be reviewed. Took multiple courses and was certified but I it always says no task in the queue. Tried segmentation and was ablw to to 20 task but they are still for review.

  6. Fjose

    Hi, do you have webinars for Lidar Training? Im currently outside PH.

  7. Fjose

    Hi, do you have webinars for Lidar Training?

    1. dantravels

      No I don’t have, but Remotasks has several! You can access various web training in Remotasks dashboard. You need to pass specific training before even starting a task in the platform.

  8. Lorvie

    may i ask ? is there any registration fee when you apply at the training bootcamp ? or is it free ?

    1. dantravels

      No registration fee. It’s totally free! The only expenses I had were fare for transportation and food (lunch, snacks).

  9. JP

    Hi Sir! What do you mean of this: “That’s why the Boot Camp facilitators encourage Taskers to become either Reviewer or Super Reviewer to get more work?”

  10. dantravels

    When you visit your own Remotasks dashboard, there are actually more works for reviewers (R) and Super-Reviewers (SR). If you’re just an ordinary Tasker, you won’t see those works available for R and SR; and Lidar tasks for Tasker simply quick to run out. And let’s face it, R and SR tasks pay well!

    So here is the Remotask workflow:

    Tasker will do the available Lidar Task->Reviewer will review Tasker’s job->Super Reviewer will review Reviewer’s job. This workflow also apply to Classic Tasks. (But the Boot Camp only focuses on Lidar Training.)

    Take note that when you take the Boot Camp, you will be automatically a Reviewer (depending on the types of Lidar you passed, example: Reviewer for Swan, Reviewer for Turtle, Reviewer for Panda, Reviewer for Mammoth, etc.)

    So that’s why it is important to take the Boot Camp training!

    Also, there is a BootCamp for Reviewers who want to become Super-Reviewers. And they pay much better than being just a Reviewer. I didn’t take the SR Boot Camp though.

  11. James Atig

    Hello Sir Dan, I am a Bear Tasker, Does it matter being a bear or bee or other lidar tasker? In 1 month of doing lidar, I only done 9 task. I want to do more task but sometimes task is not available. Thanks for your response.

    1. dantravels

      Hi James, for you to be able to access or unlock other lidar tasks, you need to go through the web training in your dashboard (specific for that Lidar type) and you have to pass the test, of course, if there is any.

      Tasks in Remo are quick to run out. That’s why we encourage people to take in-person training and be a Reveiwer and not just a Tasker.

  12. Mildred

    Hi! Would like to ask. Once you have been banned for a category of task, how long does it usually take for you to recieve tasks from the same category again? Thank you!

    1. dantravels

      Not sure how to answer this. I haven’t been banned.

  13. dmash

    thank you for the infor , quick question …. in lidar task of say 200 frames how much can one expect or whats the general payment per frame?

    1. dantravels

      You’ll get paid per task (no matter how many frames it has). You’ll get paid more depending on your accuracy and the difficulty of the task. So earnings really vary on Lidar tasks (range is stated on my blog above.)

  14. Kay

    How can I unlock new projects? I did some Categorization tasks but I’m most interested in the Transcriptions…

    1. dantravels

      Hi Kay,
      The more web training/courses you finished (or passed)–the more opportunity you have on any jobs on

      Unfortunately, I haven’t tried any transcription works on

      But I actually also work as a transcriptionist at GoTranscript. If you haven’t yet read my blog on how I started on GoTranscript, here is the link.

  15. Jona

    Wow thanks for this one dude. I just signed up the other day, and it really looks legit. Its just that dami interruption so hindi ko matapos ang orientation vids haha. But after reading your review, I think I finally made up my mind, finally got the right motivation. Btw, sideline ko lang sya and it looks promising.

  16. Len

    Hello po tanong ano po yong prepayment naka tanggap ako ng prepayment sa bee Hindi pa ako naka pag training sa bootcamp pero training lng ako sa bahay..totoo po subrang hirap po Hindi mo alam mga tricks sa lidar need talaga bootcamp..

    1. dwan

      hi Len, Bee task in Remo makes advance payment after finishing a task. its sort of a partial payment. after review, if you did a good job, final payment will follow.

  17. Rassil

    Hi! I want to ask, where can I find the tasks because I already have my account but it seems that easy tasks are not yet available?

  18. Cnzz

    $40-80 depends on ur accuracy and the complexity of the task. i guess you’re referring to whale Lidar i guess 🙂

  19. angel

    do they offer an online training? my friend received an online scheduled training and i havent? should i continue or wait

  20. Danna

    Hello, I’m a newbie in remotask. I finished my training and courses. How can I start with projects for me to earn?

  21. Kent

    Hello po, how many days pa po ba ma rereview ang mga tasks for image annotation? Thanks!

    1. quenn

      same question at 2021

  22. ed

    how to delete left road shoulder

  23. Genevieve Abad

    Interested to join also…. I wish I could try it ASAP…
    thank you so much for this Blog. God blessed…

  24. kary

    Just signed up and it looks promising! Just wondering if anyone knows if there’s a way to get trained for lidar even with the quarantine…

  25. Michelle

    i trained remotask before but after that trainings…palagi ng empty task queue…how can i work with it again?

    1. dantravels

      Are you a tasker or a reviewer?

  26. Jingle Ramos

    Is there a training in Image annotation?

    1. dantravels

      Hi Jingle, there are a lot of online trainings related to Image Annotation on the Remotasks website itself. =)

  27. Chris

    Hi there I don’t know what’s happening because my approved hours is still zero.

  28. cmm

    sadly.. it seem’s 80frames bee lidar is not the priority anymore.
    320 frames bee require minimum of 16gb ram. and 32gb ram is recommended.
    it is not newcomer friendly at all…

    im trying out their other course, but im not sure if its stable though.
    they keep removing training options. i wanted to try out the audio and invoice translation task but it got removed

  29. fe

    Sa categorization Traffic Sign, sobrang liit ng mga image na kailangan ko i-identify. Actually sa sobrang liit hindi ko na nababasa ang nakasulat? Ganon ba talaga? Na-ban tuloy ako sa baba ng accuracy ko. Kasi sa sobrang liit ng message, hindi ko na mabasa yung dapat ko i-identify kaya ang nangyari hinuhulaan ko na lang. Pano po ba mapalaki ang image? try ko mag zoom pero ayaw

  30. best

    hello sir Dan, am just asking how can i know the position that they have put me in? because one has to know his position on the platform and roles. i thank you for this truth reviews. thank you sir

  31. Kervin

    Hi can I ask what the approved hour is about, I did tasks for more than 8 hours and my approved hour only says 1.3 . And how long do they approve Review tasks? thank you

  32. mike

    I cant go through the training as I need to pass the exam. I’m stuck in the 2nd to last question Exterior (non-front). Can anybody help me please? Thank you.

    1. dantravels

      I’ve been there, normally what I would do when I’m stuck is doing trial-and-error and elimination. I know I will take some time but just try!

    2. Faith

      Have you been able to get an answer for the exterior non front. I am also stuck

      1. Mel

        Same here 🙁

  33. anne de castro

    Hi I was banned in the category task. Is there any chance that I can work in that task again? I really like that task.

    1. Gladys

      Hi how did you know you got banned, did you receive a notification? how much percentage did you get in accuracy to be banned? I got a warning twice and there’s no more categorization task on my dash board anymore so im kinda wondering if i got banned as well?

  34. Alien51

    Do they have bootcamp training in Mineski QC right now during mecq?

  35. Abdelhamid

    is Remotasks’s training for the LIDAR is good. or I just have to attend a Bootcamp?

  36. MIshiel

    In lane segmentation v500 final assessment scenario, I was like confuse on what to do. I was looking at the segmentation scenario but there was no direction on what to do. Kindly enlighten me, please. Hoping for your reply. Thank you.

  37. Emma


    I have done a lot of tasks. Under task logs it says the following; Reviewed: Not available, Status: awaiting review, Payout: Pending. Question is, how long will it take to get approved?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. quenn

      same questions at 2021. by the way, hi emma, may I know if you’re still working on remotasks?

  38. dantravels

    Hi guys, I am no longer doing Remotasks.
    I am currently in Thailand and Remotasks here is not accessible. Anyways, hugs from Thailand! =)

  39. marjolyn Salvador

    hi sir,
    may I ask if remotasks payout is automatic every week? should I request for payout?

  40. Phenix Joyce S. Pagdato

    Hi Sir Dan,
    I would like to ask if I have not been able to join the boot camp, I am not qualified to do tasks ? or not being able to have the certificate is the reason why no tasks are showing in my tasklog? I hope you will be able to answer my query.
    Stay Safe and Godbless.

    1. dantravels

      You can still do tasks even if you didn’t go to boot camp training. Please note that the Bootcamp training focuses on Lidar tasks and there are other tasks on Remotasks that are non-lidar (but they don’t pay as much as in the Lidar). You can read the rest of my blog for more info on non-lidar tasks.

  41. Jojo

    Hi sir ? im student from cdo im planing to try na mag trabahaho sa remote task kasi nga online class hindi masyadong tigh ang schedule ko para additional help nalang din sa parents ko. Im planing to buy a pc, the available unit na kaya kung e purchase is yung proessor ay RYZEN 3 pero 16gb ram siya, okay lang po ba to para sa mga task na gagawain if ever na makapasok ako?

  42. Ernie

    Sir may training kayong whale? gusto ko sana mag training kung meron. salamat

    1. dantravels

      Nung time ko last year, wala eh.

  43. Mark

    Hi Dan! I hope you’re having a safe travel in Thailand. Can I just ask the lowest possible salary for a super reviewer? And where can I contact a trainer? I would just like to ask him questions about the job. Thank you very much.

    1. dantravels

      Hi Mark, I don’t have more details on super reviewer but yeah you can contact one of our trainers if you’d like to know more: Ivan Dimacali

  44. jamD

    hello sir, im a newbie medyo naguguluhan lang ako according to zendesk “Payment happens weekly on Wednesday mornings at 12:00 UTC. We may have some delays to later in the day.” pero sa mga nababasa ko every Friday daw.

    1. dantravels

      Hi Jam, I haven’t been working with Remotasks in the past few months since I am currently in Thailand. Remotask is not accessible here. In my case, I received my payment every Friday.

  45. Sheena Mae

    Hi sir, I am a remotask reviewer.. i’ve always wanted to try the lidar task since it has a higher paying rate, however it’s hard to understand and do. Is the training free? where is the bootcamp training located here in Davao City?

    1. dantravels

      The training is free po. Details on how to sign up for the Bootcamp is detailed on this blog. Or you can simply fill up this form =) Yes, I know there is one for Davao City. But then again, I don’t know the current situation or frequency ng bootcamp since pandemic pa din.

      1. Sheena Mae

        okay po thank u po, your blog is very helpful =)

  46. Marcus Lex

    Remotask is a internet work from home sweatshop due to its pay-out per task. However do try it to experience it first hand. You will note that many of the tasks are subjective, making it a little difficult to get a perfect score.

  47. Jess

    Hi! Would like to ask po, I’ve done some tasks and pag titignan ko sa task log ko, awaiting for review pa for 2 days already. Ganun po ba talaga? Tapos 1 task palang naaapprove sakin although madami-dami na din akong nagawa. Thank you!

  48. Miggy Gaspar

    Hello! How long does it take for them to review a task? It’s currently my first day in remotasks and waiting for my tasks to be reviewed. I don’t want to do a lot of tasks right now before I get my review on my first two tasks to see if I got them right.

  49. Rashid

    “As a LiDar graduate, you should expect to earn 5,500 – 10,000 PHP working 20 hrs per week, or 11,000 – 19,400 PHP working 40 hrs per week.”

    Will I earn 5,500Php per week or per month depending on how many hours I work in a given week?

  50. Rashid

    Is the income you stated above, is it monthly or weekly income?

  51. Jayson

    Hi, just started in remotasks and I noticed that an awful lot of my tasks are still “awaiting review”, and a few like 5 of the tasks are reviewed and I got paid almost immediately, why does the other tasks take longer time to be reviewed even though its under the same category, is that really normal in remotasks?

    1. Bennie Go Jr.

      Yes Bro, that’s normal in Remo the reason our team lead told us is because of few reviewer. So, if you want to be a reviewer which means more jobs than a tasker, you must be very accurate and very precise in your every tasks to be promoted as a reviewer. In my case, my tasks for last month are yet to be paid.

  52. Enyi Mezie

    Good afternoon Dantravels, hope you are having a great time in Thailand. Kudos for this info
    Please I am a newbie at remotask, i signed up and created account on discord via the join the discord tab on the site.
    right inside there i had to follow the link to the course to familiarize with the platform. But there was an example on the second to the last page i was to repeat on the last page but that last page refused to respond, so i had to log out after several trial as i was confused. so after two weeks i decided to go back to the discord to see if i could get assistance and it is telling me to join the discord, when i have already done that before, please wouldn’t this amount to creating double account in the discord?

  53. Ron Matthew

    Hi Dan! What time do their trainings usually happen? I am currently working and would like to join the 10 day training if it fits my schedule

    1. dantravels

      Hi Ron,

      It’s the whole day. From 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM with breaks in between (lunch, snacks). So I guess it won’t fit your schedule if you currently have a day job.

  54. Jennie

    Hi! I just wanted to ask po how to take the task immediately after finishing the course kasi if na finish ko na yung course di ko ma take yung task kasi iba yung lumalabas sa que ko, yung mas mahihirap yung ina available ni like the LiDAR annotations while I’m in the classic one lang po pa.

  55. Bennie Go Jr.

    Once you finished a certain course it doesn’t mean a task right away and that’s what confuse me as well with Remo. I’ve done so many courses but in the end, it’s either diff. task will be given or worst, empty queue. In form your team lead about this if you are working in house if not, try to visit discord community for advise.

  56. Ifham

    how much one can earn from LIDAR tasks per month? Can you please suggest what shall be minimum earning from that, if someone wants to work just couple of hours a day.


  57. Gie

    Hello! I tried to submit application on Remotetasks only that I had a problem with the verification process since I accidentally hit some other buttons that ended up closing the link. When I tried to connect again I can get through the next step because they mentioned about a valid number and it seems that they don’t recognize the input that I first placed. Can you help me figure it out?

  58. Abiel

    Hi I just started today, I am stuck at the part where I need to put the label Lane Line but there is no Lane Line label at my editor that can indicate that line. That is why I can’t finish it up. Hope you help me thank you

  59. quenn

    Did someone knew how many days does it usually takes for the tasks to be fully reviewed? I’ve been waiting for 2days but it’s all still pending.

  60. Einniah

    Remotasks was fine before, now it suddenly keeps on banning accounts without giving the pay. And worst, no notice or anything, you just can’t open your account anymore, hard work now wasted.

  61. Hello po Sir Dan!
    Pwede po bang gumamit ng Chromebook sa paggawa ng tasks sa Remotasks? Bibili kasi sana ako ng Chromebook for sideline work online, I’m having a doubt kasi baka hindi pwede ang Chromebook. Thanks and keep safe!

    1. dantravels

      Hi Van Mark, I assume that’s a laptop. I was just wondering how much RAM does it have? They say to get at least 4GB RAM for a laptop, but I’d say your laptop would be too slow working on Lidar especially if there are too many frames involved. So I would recommend getting a laptop with 16 GB ram (laptop’s ram are expandable anyway, so you may just buy a 4GB ram then add the additional memory card right away to expand it.) But other than working on lidar, you can use the usual 4gB-ram laptop.
      PS: Your laptop storage also matters. If you have the budget, I recommend to you buy a laptop with SSD storage rather than an HDD.
      Thank you and keep safe as well. Hugs from Thailand.

  62. KAYE

    Hello po! Ask lang po sana if normal lang ba almost a week di pa nirereview task mo especially sa 2D task? Baka po kasi wala ng value yung task na ginawa ko hangang ngayon not reviewed pa. Thank you.

  63. camille

    Hi ask ko lang po kung pano ung payment nila. Halimbawa po ba may $2 ka na? is it multiply by the hours of your work? Thank u sana po masagot

  64. myr

    hello , how do i switch to another project? i want to work on a different category but i cant find where to select categories

  65. Ceasar Rey

    Hi, may I ask regarding section 3 of the Terms of Use? It was stated that as a condition of use of the Remotasks Site, one must agree to undertake any registration as a self-employed worker, independent contractor, sole proprietor, or similar designation available with the tax authorities in our jurisdiction to ensure the proper payment of any applicable taxes or other amounts as required by law. I am currently employed and thinking of doing Remotasks as a side hustle. Is this still required or will this cause any issues with my current employment contract?

  66. April

    I tried to sign up in remotask but untill now still can’t register?, I’ve tried everything I also followed all the instructions I searched and asked for help, but still I can’t sign up??? can anyone help me with this?

  67. Mansueto

    I registered with remotasks in Nov. 28, 2021. I have also registered to the introduction seminar for almost 5 times already, however, nothing shows on the screen after every countdown on each scheduled dates and time. Remotasks is also requiring me to send NBI clearance to be accepted. Until now, I don’t know what to do to get started. Are those training bootcamps in the Philippines accessible via online? I am a resident of Cagayan de Oro City where no boot camp available. I hope I can get some idea on how to get started. Thanks in advance.

  68. Jovy Pasco

    hello sir dan, is there tutoral video in annotating pictures in reactant secret project? honestly, i’m not good in computer so i really need help in how to annotate pictures in my laptop.. thank you…God bless.

  69. Czarmae

    Good day, mandatory to attend the webinar or not? does it need to be same email with the paypal and i register in remotask? Thank you in advance

  70. Victor

    hi, i have finished remotask trainings, they just never loaded tasks. how do i get enabled to work on tasks please?

    or what is it that i need to make right after completing plenty trainings?

    Thank you.

  71. Cess

    Hello, I already signed up for a boot camp training. They emailed me last Wednesday but responded Friday. But I didn’t receive any link or email regarding where? what time the boot camp will start? I am new in this kind of job. I am a housewife for 14 years and I decided to work online. I am having a hard time regarding the image annotations. Hoping you can help me with this problem I badly need a job.

  72. Leanne

    Hi dan. San ng training bootcamp dito s pasig..

  73. Lucas Riet

    Hi I’m Lucas from South Africa. I currently only have an Android smart phone at my disposal and would like to start doing the training so I can start earning. Are there tasks available suited for Android? I would,after completing some tasks, acquire a laptop. Hope to hear from you very soon!

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